BIM streamlines industrial manufacturing facilities projects

Ayoroa Simmons understands the significant improvements that Building Information Modeling (BIM) can bring to industrial manufacturing facilities projects. Our comprehensive BIM solutions are tailored to support every stage of your facility's lifecycle, starting with comprehensive and accurate 3D measurements and models of your facility and its components. Our team of professionals provides and supports design services that incorporate industry leading technology to simulate and predict design outcomes. Ayoroa Simmons works with engineers, architects, and owners to implement industry leading BIM solutions that streamline the industrial manufacturing facility design and construction process.

BIM, high-definition laser measurement and the digital factory

Expansions of existing manufacturing facilities require coordination of many variables including design, procurement of specialty equipment, and the all too often overlooked existing conditions. Anyone who has undertaken an expansion project knows that dealing with poorly documented existing conditions can present unanticipated challenges once construction is underway. Design and schedule changes tend to drive costs higher and prolong production downtime. However, it is now possible to mitigate risks presented by reliance on record drawings and poor as-built information. To address these common problems, Ayoroa Simmons specializes in the digitization of industrial manufacturing facilities. Our field team utilizes state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning technology to capture accurate geometry and positions of building and equipment within your facility. Even minute details can be recorded with millimeter accuracy and photographic detail. This data supports the development of accurate 3D models used in design and construction coordination, reducing errors and omissions and speeding project delivery.

Centralized digital platform for informed decision-making

Ayoroa Simmons integrates people, processes, and technology to optimize the delivery of your industrial manufacturing facility project. We offer a variety of data hosting solutions that allow 3D building information to be hosted on local or cloud services to facilitate centralized information sharing and data retrieval. Solutions include access to 3D point cloud data, 3D models, 2D drawings and digital orthoimages.

BIM clash resolution capabilities to enhance coordination between design and construction

The design and construction of manufacturing facilities requires a high degree of coordination to ensure building systems and equipment are properly integrated to support safe and efficient operations. Ayoroa Simmons integrates with project teams to streamline and enhance the coordination process using BIM techniques that analyze and validate design solutions before they make it to construction. One example of this is clash detection and resolution. Ayoroa Simmons helps teams reduce rework and schedule delays by using digital models to detect and resolve physical interferences between building systems and equipment well in advance of procurement and installation.

BIM as an asset information model

While BIM is essential during the design and construction of your facility, it is equally valuable post-construction as an Asset Information Model (AIM). Ayoroa Simmons develops detailed as-built documentation (3D models and 2D drawings) that includes key components of your facility, including their relationships, interactions, and precise locations. Many clients rely on our as-built models as tools for future planning, design, training sessions, orientations, and as go-to references for their facilities management teams. Having an accurate model on file supports renovations, repairs, machinery replacements, and maintenance schedules.

Supporting sustainability initiatives with BIM

Ayoroa Simmons' comprehensive BIM solutions go beyond enhancing operational efficiency; they can also support your sustainability initiatives. By accurately representing your facility and its components in a virtual model, we enable informed decision-making for sustainable practices. Architects and engineers can use BIM models to analyze energy consumption, identify areas for improvement, and implement energy-saving strategies. Accurate as-built models allow you to simulate and evaluate the performance of various interventions or improvements, such as renewable energy integration, efficient lighting systems, and optimized HVAC systems. By assessing and fine-tuning these aspects in the virtual environment, you can make informed choices that result in real-world energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Furthermore, detailed models provide insights into material usage, waste generation, and lifecycle analysis, empowering you to explore sustainable material choices, minimize waste during construction and operations, and make informed decisions to enhance the circular economy within your facility.

Leveraging BIM as a tool for sustainability, you can align your industrial manufacturing operations with environmental goals, regulatory requirements, and corporate social responsibility. Ayoroa Simmons is dedicated to supporting your sustainability journey, providing the expertise and innovative solutions needed to create a greener and more sustainable industrial facility.

Ayoroa Simmons BIM technologies can support your industrial manufacturing project through the following capabilities:

  • Digitizing existing facilities with millimeter accuracy
  • Developing accurate 3D models of buildings and campuses including structural systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and plumbing systems
  • Verifying complex existing geometries, sizes, and locations of systems and equipment
  • Evaluating proposed modifications using 3D scans and design models to identify problems early
  • Facilitating 3D coordination of facilities and equipment with contractors and vendors
  • Developing accurate as built models to confirm work in place during and after construction