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Verify Existing Conditions to Reduce Risk and Improve Project Outcomes

3D Laser Scanning


3D Laser Scanning to Verify Record Drawings and Existing Conditions

Everyday, thousands of architects and engineers rely on tape measures, field notes and pictures to verify record drawing and existing conditions information. This practice costs their firms and their clients millions of dollars in repeat site visits and errors and omissions that might have otherwise been avoided. Imagine a dimensionally accurate and comprehensive replica of the building and site that can be measured, sliced and analyzed from the office by any member of the project team. 


Ayoroa Simmons specializes in 3D laser scanning for documenting existing building conditions. 3D laser scanning is replacing traditional methods of measuring existing buildings. It reduces errors and omissions, improves the accuracy of field measurements and allows for the comprehensive measurement of small and large facilities in less time. 


Color is added to the point clouds to further enhance the collected site data.  During our color capturing process dozens of photos will be taken at each scan setup, resulting in thousands of photos for each project.  Combining the photos with our scan data creates a dimensionally accurate virtual site that can be viewed and analyzed from your laptop or PC.  The images are indexed to a floor plan eliminating the need to cross reference hundreds of photos.  The data can be cut in plan and section to be evaluated in orthographic projection or 3D. This workflow allows AECO professionals to perform detailed analysis off site in preparation for that critical site visit.  As a result, executives and professionals make better use of their time asking informed questions about specific site conditions.

Reduce Site Visits With Virtual Site Access

360 images allow project stakeholders to examine each location in the building or on the site from their workstation or laptop. Measurements and observations of existing conditions can be compiled in the office with fewer site visits. Travel costs are reduced and productivity in the office is increased.

Extract MEP Elements Accurately for True As-Built Models and Drawings

Vast and complex mechanical rooms, like this science building mechanical penthouse, can be measured and modeled in less time and with stated tolerances. The deliverable is available in Revit, AutoCAD and other file formats as required.

3D Laser Scanning Case Study

When JRA Architects were contracted to modernize a water treatment facility from the late 1800s, they reached out to Ayoroa Simmons for help with assessing the current structures. Learn how the data captured with FARO® Laser Scanners helped create a clear, comprehensive view of the existing conditions in much less time than traditional field measuring methods.