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Ayoroa Simmons BIM

Fueling BIM
With Site Data

Our integrated approach to BIM reduces risk and delivers real value to our clients......

Ayoroa Simmons works with leading AEC firms to deliver high-quality design and construction projects through the precise application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and workflows. The successful implementation of BIM requires a unique understanding of the design and construction process along with the technical knowledge to implement digital tools in a precise manner to identify and mitigate risk.

Our team of BIM specialists and project managers includes engineers, architects, surveyors and technicians. We combine the most advanced tools and techniques in the industry to foresee problems and find real solutions  the most complex projects.

Ayoroa Simmons is an Integrated BIM Solutions Provider

A successful BIM project requires close collaboration between skilled professionals from diverse disciplines such as surveying, architecture, engineering, construction and information technology. This means that when selecting a BIM solutions provider you should consider the qualifications of the team and their direct experience with the disciplines that are part of your project.

Existing conditions  are one of the most overlooked opportunities for reducing costs on expansions and renovation projects.....

It is standard practice for architects and other design consultants to request record drawings from the owner or facility manager at the discovery phase of a project. Record drawings harbor inaccuracies, omissions and lack important details of real world conditions that have a direct impact on the cost of your project.


It is now possible to comprehensively evaluate the accuracy of record drawings with digital techniques like 3D laser scanning and three-dimensional analysis of real world building geometries.

Why risk unforeseen conditions, schedule delays, change orders and last minute cost increases related to inaccurate or incomplete record drawing information? Our proven, geomatics engineering based high-definition surveying solutions mitigate quality, schedule and cost risks for our clients.

Reduce Project Costs With 3D Laser Scanning

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