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Ayoroa Simmons 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction - Louisville, Kentucky

3D laser scanning is a high-definition surveying technique that replaces traditional methods of field measurement. This technology enables the rapid collection of precise measurements in a fraction of the time.

3D Laser Scanning for Architectural Projects

Complex Renovations Should Start with Accurate High-Definition Surveys

Most existing buildings have rudimentary documentation, if any, such as 2D paper blueprints or unverified record drawings. These documents tend to lack accurate or up-to-date information suitable for starting a major renovation project. More often than not, existing buildings must be measured and redrawn in a digital format such as CAD or Autodesk Revit (3D BIM) so that teams of design professionals can base the renovation design on a reliable set of known conditions.

3D Laser Scanning and Surveying Standards

Our 3D laser scanning services are performed according to surveying standards. This approach emphasizes measurement redundancy, repeatability and verifiable accuracy. High quality 3D laser scanning equipment is capable of collecting measurements over distances ranging from less than three feet to several hundred feet with +/- 1mm precision. Various techniques are used in the field to ensure the resulting measurements can be verified and that the survey is reliable within a stated tolerance. These are just some of the reasons 3D laser scanning can be vastly superior to traditional architectural measured drawings and as-built practices.

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